Spurthy Way of Teaching

Every student is unique in his/her own way. We, at Spurthy Group of Institutions, believe that all students are different. They have an inner sense of wonder and curiosity and achieve different milestones by a certain age. We understand that a student learns in different ways. So, our curriculum is planned in a way that promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development in each student. Our student-centric curriculum values each student as a unique individual.

The systematic and planned syllabus helps them climb up the rungs of the academic ladder. The transition to a higher semester is done with utmost care. Hand holding the young learners at every step the faculties work towards making them confident citizens of tomorrow.


Spurthy Way of Learning

We at Spurthy Group of Institutions, aspire to make learning a fun-filled experience for our students. Field trips, Educational Tours, experiential learning all help in developing the interest and curiosity of the students.

Exploring the vast and amazing world around them, getting hands-on experience and moving from abstract to concrete learning helps them to open new vistas of life. The active learning strategies help our students to take overcome challenges and surge ahead on the path of learning.

Student Development Programs

The aim of the Student Development Program assists students in their academic and career objectives by encouraging self-direction and by promoting personal development and empowerment.


To allow students to acquire cross-cultural management knowledge and experience the leadership skills which are beneficial to their personal growth compiled with career development.

 Areas for Student Development

  1. Life – Participants can deepen mutual understanding through Co-operative living which allows them to have in-depth communicative interaction and experience cross-cultural differences.
  2. Talk – Renowned figures from academic, professional and commercial sectors are invited to share diversified issues with participants. 
  3. Visit – Trips to Industrial sites inland around the city are arranged for participants for the flavour of Industries’ work- culture.
  4. Seminar – In order to facilitate communication and feelings exchange, participants from each, have to submit thematic studies and submit the report, lead the discussion and express their thoughts and understandings during the program
  5. Cultural Activities – including variety show and gatherings which allow participants to showcase their talents besides academic achievement