Code of Conduct

Personal Grooming and Conduct

  1. All students must maintain high standard of personal conduct in their behavior, manners, etiquettes & language.
  2. Students are expected to come neatly dressed in complete college uniform.
  3. The Uniform should be as per the specifications mentioned below:
  • No tight trousers with small bottoms are allowed
  • Trousers should NOT be worn at the hip line.  It should touch the waist
  • The Buttons of the shirt be closed and the neck tie should be worn essentially 
  • Black shoes and black socks should be worn without fail and under no circumstances exemption would be granted, unless or until endorsed by medical certificate 
  1. Uniform for Male Students as per specifications mentioned below:
  • The Male students should have simple, neat haircut with no modern / latest hero style.
  • Male students are not allowed to grow beard or have a fashionable beard style. Students should clean shave their beard neatly and have gentleman appearance.  

Deviating from the set-rule would be dealt with severity.

  1. Uniform for Female Students as per specifications mentioned below:
  • Female students are not permitted to wear fancy or expensive watches, chain, bracelets etc., or bring mobile phones, I-pods or expensive gadgets to college.
  • The female students are not allowed to adorn their hair with flowers, colorful clips, hair bands and color their nails or use henna to decorate their hands or feet nor they are allowed to wear bangles or bracelets.  
  1. Regularity and Punctuality:

Students are expected to be present in College every day.  In case of absence on account of health grounds or other emergencies, the office should be informed by telephone or a leave letter must be sent.  When leave is required for any other purpose, prior permission from the Principal must necessarily be obtained. The college will not entertain requests for retests if a student is absent for an examination.  All students must necessarily be present on the closing and reopening day of every semester. The college does not encourage extension of vacations to suit individual needs. College does not encourage students come late or go early form college.  In unavoidable circumstances, a written note must be sent.