Our Story

It is a long established fact that a reade.

SPURTHY GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Spurthy began writing it’s history in the year 2003. It was scripted by a team of  dynamic and vibrant  technocrats, research scientists, entrepreneurs and mentors with an objective to encourage, foster and create next  generation leaders in Health care Management and Science.

Year after year, we have been successfully meeting that objective. Today, Spurthy alumni and alumnae find their rightful place under the sun, across geographies, performing  at  par with the very best in the world

Facilitating this is Spurthy’s commitment to provide education of the highest  standard,  keeping  abreast of the changing teaching  methodologies and paradigm shifts in technology.  In fact, our focus is on preparing every student to adapt to the changing professional environs and excel in his or her walk of life

Spurthy can proudly boast of strong student body with more than  150 faculty members. Our earnest effort  to reach out to the community has resulted in continued growth and diversity in faculty, students, infrastructure, and goals for the future.

Today, Spurthy Group of Institutions offer quality education through a PU and degree College and Institutes for high-end career course in Business Management, Computer Science and Nursing. Over the years, we have sent out to the waiting world thousands of students, giving Wings to their dreams and aspirations. 

We are a new age educational  institution founded  on timeless, old world values. Spurthy Group of Institutions is a part of Sri Venkatadri  Higher Education Trust founded by Shri P .Gopala Reddy in Bangalore, a medical professional, and a committed citizen. The school is an empty canvas where we fill in rich colours of freedom, respect, love, affection and trust. In this rich vibrant ambience we want to mould and chisel children and develop their heart and mind in accordance with the requirement of the world 


Our Mission

Our Mission is to explore and bring out the hidden stars in children, enabling them to thrive and flourish to their full potential.

Our Vision

To produce leaders to match world standards

Leadership is at the core of everything we do at Spurthy. Our vision is to position Spurthy as the institution of choice for excellence in education in Bangalore by providing world class education in a multi- cultural environment

Message From the Founder

It’s rightly said that “child is the father of man”. In every child resides an individual with infinite potential that tomorrow has to unveil, the realisation of which forms the vision of Spurthy. At Spurthy, every single curiosity that the child holds in him/her is tended to with love and care. The well experienced faculty, aided by the meticulously planned curriculum, ensures that every child gets an unmatched learning experience and individual attention.

Spurthy offers children a peerless stepping ground towards knowledge and enlightenment. The mission of the school is to explore and bring out the hidden star in every child, enabling them to thrive and flourish to their full potential. For more information, please click lobstermania. Spurthy Institution has strategic tie ups with leading institutes like ‘Academy for Creative Teachinng’ (run by one of the stalwarts in education – Dr. Gururaj Karajagi). This aligns with our vision to bring global standards in education to Bangalore. I welcome every parent and child to join us in our relentless endeavour to make education result-oriented, fun and fulfilling.


Message From the Secretary

Mr. Vinay Reddy began his journey as an educator the year 2003 . These  years have been an enriching experience for him and given him an  insight into the various facets of education system . As he got involved with the work he realised that he had found his calling.

Spurthy Group of Institutions aims to be the institution of choice for excellence in college education in Bangalore by providing world class education in a multi-cultural environment. Mr. Reddy believes  that college and parent need to work hand in hand to help each and every child bloom to his / her potential. The college works towards inculcating the core values of integrity, honesty and respect for others that would make each child a righteous human being. A competent team of educators  works towards developing  the curiosity of students and nurturing  their inquisitiveness. The college supports and encourages the faculties to come up with innovative teaching methodology. Spurthy Group of Institutions consistently works towards providing holistic development to each and every learner so that they emerge as responsible citizens of tomorrow.