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Quality is in everything that we offer at Spurthy. The set of facilities is no exclusion. Airy class rooms. Extensive seminar halls. Well-maintained and updated library. Full-fledged labs. Great Canteen. Spacious hostels. And, students are exposed to a very supportive atmosphere, both academically and on a peer to peer front. Extracurricular activities are also given due relevance within the campus.

Right Guidance

Teacher-student relationship plays a major role in education. At Spurthy, the right rapport between students and teachers happens in the form of academic and moral support. The experience and expertise of our faculty results in extensive training and character moulding.

Teaching methods include:

Lectures and seminars
Problem-based learning
Computer-based learning and
Workshops by social experts.


Spurthy Institutions are located in Anekal. It has a sprawling campus with all modern facilities. The campus accommodates dormitories, sports complex, gardens in addition to the aesthetically designed building.


Laboratories are creative zones of exploration and discovery. Equipment and materials are so provided that the students will carry out experiments individually instead of sharing with many. Top class facilities are being given in the spacious Physics/Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories. The computer laboratory utilizes modern multimedia technology. It also has a good collection of CDs for self learning and Network facility. Learning by doing and understanding through application is our motto.


Spacious and ventilated class rooms have functionally designed articles of furniture. The arrangement of seating in the class rooms is such that dynamic interaction is possible between the teacher and the students. Every class room will have the facilities of educational aids and technology etc, to enhance the learning process.


Excellent facilities are provided for both outdoor and indoor games. Under the guidance of trained personnel, students can exercise at the gym or take part in any game of their interest.

Library and Computers

The Institution has an excellent library with a range of titles under different sections for casual reading or serious project-based research. The entire school is a wi-fi zone to aid teachers with audio-visual media. In addition, the computer lab gives students an early exposure to technology, helping them consolidate their learning inside the classroom with knowledge acquired through the Internet.


Spurthy has a fleet of buses plying to different parts of Bangalore City and surrounding areas with professional drivers and helpers responsible for the safety of each and every child. Please contact our administration department to check the availability of bus service to your area.

The World Outside

Students are taken on excursions and field trips to help promote social skills, instill in them better awareness about our society and open their eyes to the biggest teacher in life - Mother Nature.


Spurthy Global School has an expansive auditorium to host annual days, seminars and other art and cultural festivals.

Activity Room

The school has a full-fledged activity room with non-toxic and child-friendly toys and games. In addition, games like monopoly, chess and scrabble are provided to develop strategic, logical and lateral thinking in students.


There is a well-equipped playground with specific areas allotted for students of different levels. Most of the field games and equipment for athletics are provided by the school physical education wing.

Health is Wealth

Spurthy has its own panel of medical specialists to conduct regular health checkups on every student. Students are taught the benefits of regular exercise and encouraged to take up healthy habits in their day to day life.

Spurthy Institutions,
No.328, Marasur Gate,
Anekal Main Road,
Anekal Taluk, Bangalore - 562106
+91 80 27827777
+91 89709 99998