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Discovering one’s true potential and aspiring to win are at the core of every great achievement. Today, as the world overflows with opportunities, right education gives a person that extra impetus to achieve all that he can dream of. Spurthy gives you the right platform and ambience to let your dreams unfold, thoughts spark with brilliance, kindle ideas with life and discover that specific place for you in the world. Make that confident first step to discover, aspire and achieve.

Spurthy campus is a result of meticulous planning and research. The campus is located at Anekal Road, an offshoot of Hosur Road. We have invested judiciously in planning & building our campus. The idea behind the design has been to add ease and momentum to the journey from being a student to a professional. The institutes’ location is perfectly positioned to provide links with industry and provide students with career opportunities.

Whether it’s more inspiration, more community, more challenge or more personal growth, you’ll find everything at Spurthy Institutions. From small classes with engaged faculty to the ethics and global insights that are emphasized in every course, Spurthy will challenge you to get more out of your school experience.

Benefits of Spurthy:

  • Small classes led by experienced faculty
  • Multiple Activities to cater to every form of learning
  • The flexibility to learn in the classroom complemented by real-life experiences which are designed to support the curricula.

Spurthy Institutions are designed to:

  • Maintain a strong program of instruction in the basic subject area;
  • Offer a variety of choices and decision-making experiences;
  • Encourage students to participate in a wide variety of school-related experiences;
  • Ensure that the curriculum is particularly sensitive to the need for learning experiences which accommodate the change from concrete to abstract reasoning which is a natural part of human development and which generally occurs during early adolescence;
  • Respond to youngster's changing need for socialization and independence and provide means for its expression;
  • Set up policies that will promote learning, understanding and the acceptance of discipline and authority;
  • Provide legitimate means for the action orientation of school students, including an opportunity for physical activity;
  • Encourage students to pursue special interests; Provide a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with emphasis on participation;
  • Find ways to get the students into the community and to bring the community into the institutions;
  • Accept the reality that errors and mistakes will be a natural part of the growth process;
  • Provide developmental guidance and counselling as an essential part of the program;
  • Provide regular evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities in the institution.

At Spurthy, we’re committed to your success, and part of that is providing a quality education you can afford.

The Guiding Principles of Spurthy:

  • Students will be challenged by a relevant and rigorous curriculum that provides high standards and expectations for every level of ability and interest.
  • Students will have multiple opportunities to make informed decisions in a supportive caring environment where respect, honesty, fairness, cooperation, and commitment are practiced.
  • Students will attend a safe campus where students, staff, and the community promote social and individual responsibility and integrity.
  • Students will be served through a process of continuous assessment and improvement that requires and values the active participation and contributions of students, staff, parents, and other stakeholders.
  • Students will be engaged in a high quality curricular and co-curricular program that recognizes and rewards participation, leadership, and achievement. Students will share an academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and exposure to a variety of points of view.
Spurthy Institutions,
No.328, Marasur Gate,
Anekal Main Road,
Anekal Taluk, Bangalore - 562106
+91 80 27827777
+91 89709 99998