Tips for applying for Job – Spurthy Institutions


“Looking for job is a need,
Applying for job is an art,
And getting job is reward of yours credentials”

Getting the right job-is a successful expedition of hunting-a well rewarded efforts that complements the skills, attitude and Aptitude of the person who holds it, Its your guiding force that pares you way in the right direction before applying for job one needs to

Analyze one’s skills, attitude and aptitude

It requires a great deal of efforts to decide what kind of job does one want

Ideally one must define the job and the : “bottom line”

And then put our self in the frame-work of eligibility criteria and know for our self the % of chances of getting the job


Let us look into detail what does an employer look into a candidate before he offers him/her the job

Analyse your Skills, Attitude and Aptitude –

Before applying for the job one must analyse one’s Skill, Attitude and Aptitude one possesses to fit in the framework of the eligibility

Skills relate to art of handling the job, Attitude relates to bent of mind that instills in you a feeling of positivity which finally leads to success and aptitude relates to capitalization of professional competency

Combining all together, one’s behaviour reflects:

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  • Are you self-motivated or do you like to have your tasks set for you to follow?
  • Are you ready to face the work-related challenges or feel happy-go-lucky with the routine job in hand
  • Do you have the eye for the precision for quality with magnetic touch for meticulous accuracy?
  • Are you focused on Qualitative or Quantitative Output?
  • Also you need to list of things which you are good at especially with regard to job-design and job-profile
  • You may also talk about similar attributes that you are good at which may enforce your eligibility/dependability graph

Example your PR Skills to business-correspondence skills

   The discussion of these points will give you leverage for higher package during negotiation of salary package

All one needs is to make you skills/experience a befitting target fit for your further career

After thorough “Knowing of yourself “now you need to have a deep look at the Advertisement with regard to:

  • Job-design
  • Job profile
  • Essential Qualifications and Experience
  • Additional Knowledge/Skills

And weigh it on the scale of :

  • company’s Market value
  • Future Prospects it offers
  • Fringe – benefits
  • Pay package and
  • Work – Culture

Then comes the stage of framing yourself into the eligibility-criteria, additional skills and knowledge you have and your proposed office and your ability to negotiation – skills

If you play smart you may end up in win-win situation or else if you are in dise-need of job you will compromise with I lose some you win some

Ultimately it is a battle of conflict-resolution between your eligibility and skills of negotiation

After this analysis of job, you have to consider the pros and cons of the job regarding considering your bottom lines the factors which you not compromise on:

  • Additional benefits like salary or wages, bonuses, profit, shares or overtime payments will be duly taken care of
  • Provident fund, Medical facility, Children’s education fund, House rent, Vacation travelling Allowances etc, will be taken care of or not
  • Bottom-lines may also include working conditions-work out your financial needs by calculating what you need to spend each week/month and then add 10-15% for the things you will forget
  • You may also need to consider your previous salary as yardstick to expected salary from your future job, So that it may not put you undergo frustration, if it is below your expectations
  • And also check your hierarchy or seniority of the post calculating your expected duration of climbing next cadre in the job.
 So before applying for the job if you can understand how beneficial it would prove out to be for you to join that organization, you may decide to apply confidently and with strong footage you can go for negotiation and win that job