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Preparing For The Interview

Preparing for the Interview is an art,

It is said, “Well begin is half-done I’ll begin is undone”

Indeed well done, If you have been invited for Interview, think that the ball is in your court and you have already travelled through a lot of competition.

If you are well prepared, then, Interview should not be a frightening experience. All one needs is a thorough preparation, positive attitude and ability to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the right direction.

And of course effective communication is a “MUST”!


Here is a “To Do List” on invitation to the Interview


1. On receiving the Invitation for Interview, again look back at the Advertisement, to be sure of Job-Profile/Job Design/Job description, All this stage it is very essential to read between the lines.

2. Refer to Website and know about the Organization at the level of:

  • Company Status
  • It products and Services
  • Annual Reports
  • Board of Directors
  • Credit-Worthiness
  • Customer’s appreciation on remark etc
  • Reply to the Invitation confirming that you will be attending the Interview on the appointed date and time
  • Always Inquire if the company would be paying TA/DA for attending the Interview
  • And if the scenario is on the contracy like, if you decide that you do not want the job, or have accepted another, always telephone the organization and inform them that you will not be attending
  • It’s very important to update your knowledge about the company and the post you are applying for as the Job-description and Job-profile must be kept in mind before hand so as to answer the Interview-questions tactfully
  • Your appearance is important. Right from your hair-style, skin-care, colour of dress, its design and texture followed by shoes and socks-all need to be formal
  • Please remember, not to go in for the trendy hair-cut. Have the hair-cut that suits your appearance
  • Similarly the dress should be formal, smart, well ironed and suitably fitted.
  • Remember: Whatever you wear you should feel comfortable in that.

Now comes to the stage of Role-Play about Interview Questions:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • What kind of job-profile you are looking for?
  • What are your Strengths?
  • Tell us about your Weaknesses
  • What training have you had since you left college or full time education?
  • What kind of work you are looking for?

Can you give examples of your initiative / problem-solving ability?

Be enthusiastic about your job, keep your answers fairly short and if necessary ask the Interview if he needs more details

You may also be asked specific questions relating to the job which probably could test your knowledge, Skills, Attitude and aptitude with regard to you domain specific

Sometimes they may ask the questions about working-style, whether you prefer to work in isolation or like to build teams. Ideally show that you can work both ways depending on the Assignment in hand

You may be asked questions like:

banner bcom
Of course, there are variations to these types of questions. But the fact of the matter remains the same: The employer wants to judge you from the perspective of an individual an employee with specific focus on your skills, Knowledge and Attitude coupled with Aptitude
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Sometimes they assess your temperamental qualities by asking you questions on : Interests and personality

  • Tell us about your leisure interests
  • Are you subscribing to any Newspaper, Magazines or Journals?
  • What makes you angry?
  • What personal qualities do you have which make you suitable for this job?

Over and above you need to be very particular about certain clichés/Jargons you need to avoid

  • If you feel you can meet the challenges, demonstrate, it by narrating an anecdote rather than by simply making a statement
  • And instead of saying I’m people’s person, say you are co-operative, caring, assertive, motivating, inspiring or
  • Be judicious in choice of your words.

Prepare well, hope for the best and be ready to face the challenge.